Thursday, 24 November 2011

On the 20th-23rd of November I trained two days of Slalom and two days of Giant Slalom with Matthew, on the Champagny run. Despite a lot of constructive criticism and little positive feedback I have started to experience new feelings in Giant Slalom, which is something I am very excited about! 

Athletes from Proctor Academy (New Hampshire, US) have been staying in the same hotel as me this week and kindly invited me to train with them. As I have a four day break I decided to take the opportunity and skied my first day with them today! We trained GS on 3500, a little steeper gradient than Champagny. It was a great day and really interesting to work with different coaches and contrast their feedback with my current objectives. This lunchtime we stopped at Aspen CafĂ© for lunch and I greedily chose a waffle with nutella and whipped cream as I felt I deserved a treat! For the next couple of days we will be training slalom and I can’t wait!

To the left is a photo of myself and Mary Denning - She moved from England to Proctor a couple of years ago and its been great catching up with her!

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